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Family Photography

I love impromptu photos - unplanned, unstaged, and unexpected.  Impromptu shots capture the honesty of that exact moment, where subjects are oblivious to the camera and real life comes out.  These are some of my favorite impromptu photos of my favorite subjects - my boys.  I practice a lot of photography on them, as you can imagine.  They get tired of posing but I try to always have my camera in hand to capture some unexpected beautiful moments.


Here we were on Liberty Island touring the Statue of Liberty in NYC.  Unaware of the beauty and history that surrounded them, with Ellis Island in the background on the left and lower Manhattan on the right, the boys sat at the base of a flag pole and played with their audio guides.  I got my beautiful scenery and my kids got to play with whatever that kept them entertained.  Isn't that what vacation is all about?!
Although it is very hard to get a good shot, I love taking pictures of my boys playing in the playground.  I find they are the most natural and relaxed when they are just having fun and oblivious to my camera.  I often take dozens of the same pose before I get one good one, but it's completely worth it to have their smiley faces like these captured forever.
We toured the beautiful 1000 Islands (borders Canada and US) this past summer and this picture was taken while we were in a tour boat.  My husband and our boys were eating ice cream as we passed this tiny island that literally has nothing but just a little house on it.
We visited beautiful Ottawa, Canada this past summer and after a long day of walking, my little boy decided to take a break on the sidewalk, complete with his blankie, with the majestic Parliament building in the background.
We went to Colonial Williamsburg and after a fun and exhausting day, we walked back to the car and my boys were walking together holding hands behind me.  I don't know what they were talking about but they sure looked liked they were having a good time!
This was outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  I love the sunlight shining down on the statue of Washington as my little boy looks up in awe.
My oldest stuck his teddy bear in the blinds because he said the teddy bear "wanted to look outside".  I thought it was so cute I grabbed my camera and voila!
We toured the buildings of the Independence Hall area and lined up against the wall are these famous documents that govern our wonderful country.  My 6-year-old actually stopped to try to read some of these.  It wasn't a crowded room, beautiful lights shone on the writings, and my son trying to learn the history of the US.  I love quiet and meaningful pictures like this.
I was trying to take some pictures of him when he decided he wanted me to take pictures of Oscar and little black dog instead.  I like the focus on his eye as he's looking at his beloved toys instead of the camera.

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