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A little about Mary Chu

I am so glad you are here and want to know a little about me!  Obviously, I love taking pictures!  I have always loved taking pictures because it's the only way you can capture THAT exact moment - thereby creating a permanent memory to look back on.  My desire to truly take better photographs on purpose, as opposed to just shoot with luck, came after having my two little boys.  Kids move fast, and I learned I needed to be a better photographer if I were to have some really great pictures of my boys to remember their childhoods.  From there on, I developed a love for the challenge of creating photos where all the right elements of the light, subject, and location are put precisely together to create a genuine portrait of an individual that is undistracted and pure.  


On a more personal side, we are a very proud military family.  My husband's military career has allowed us to live all over the country from coast to coast.  Together we have lived in Washington (state), Oregon, California, Virginia, and now Maryland.  It has really worked out great because we love to travel anyway.  You will see some photos taken during our recent travels throughout the website.


I was born in Taiwan, but raised in Wyoming.  (I bet you don't find many people who can say that!)  Therefore, I always consider myself a Wyoming girl.  Go Pokes!  I went to the University of Wyoming and then Oregon State University where I received a Master's degree in math.  I was a community college math teacher after that, and then transitioned into the corporate world as a business consultant.  As life has a way of evolving, I was fortunate enough to become a stay-at-home mom where I started to hone in on my photography skills on none other than my kids.  I feel very lucky I get to pursue something that I truly enjoy doing.


That's pretty much it about me, and now I want to know more about you!  I would love the opportunity to photograph your family and to capture some beautiful memories for you.  I can't wait to hear from you!

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